Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Top 10 Fastest Cars in the world 2011-20121. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport; 267 mph, 0-60 in 2.2 seconds

Top Ten Fastest Cars in the world 2011-2012 (NEW!!!)

The Worlds Fastest Car 2008

Very Fast Car Racing Around the Mountains 2009

Fifth Gear - World's Most Powerful Street Legal Car 2008

Thats awesome.

Amazing BMX-stunts! 2006


Crazy BMX Tricks 2009

Thats what I call skill.

BASE (jumping ) Forever - Great BASE Footage 2006


BASE jump Patagonia TV comercial Argentina 2008


Alejandro Lecaros - Suzuki Stunt


Friday, 27 January 2012

Strange sound Co. Armagh N. Ireland 2012

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Sak Noel vs Pitbull - Crazy People 2012 (Fran Ricarte Extended Edit)

I LOVE House Music.

What a crazy adrenalin Junkie Dirk Auer

Finding photos like this on the web of one crazy adrenalin junkie doing his thing.

Skating down a rollercoaster.

He must be absolutely nuts.

Or of his head to do something like this.

Yet he did at the Trips Dill theme park in Germany.
Reaching speeds of 90km/h (56mph), Dirk skated the 860 metre track in just over one minute.

Fairplay to you man because I wouldn't be able to do that but wouldn't mind a go off course.

Edinburgh Woman Adrenalin Junkie With MS Lastest Challenge 2012

Check this out: the Edinburgh woman with MS whos also an adrenaline junkie newest challenge.

She climbed a moutain in a wheelchair and now shes taking to the ski slopes to live the dream before her time is up. Fairplay to this incredable woman. Go on and check her out.
Adrenaline woman with MS Edinburgh Scotland United Kingdom.

Crazy Drivers Bus Stunt Finland 2011

Hope the fares free.

Stunts By Finland House 2010

Oh Dear nooooooooooooo.

Streetbike Uk Stunts


UK Stunt Playtime


The Best Of The Best Jamaican Daredevil Stunts 2011

Absolute crazy man.

Jamaican Stunt Rider/ Hot Head Failed 2011


Bring On The Thunder - Free Running 2011

What Ability.

Skydiving Stunt - Human Glider 2006


Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Dumb Policeman 2006

Serves him right for showing off. lol.

Dumb Criminal 2006

What a joke.

Most Awesome Dumb Europeans 2009

The things people do.

Stupid Gameshow Answers Dumb Luck 2007

Stupid, daft, funny and entertaining.

Funny Redneck Pics 2010

I nearly wet myself laughing to this.

Funny Jokes Prank Call 2009


Funny Jokes, group of people jokin 2007


Monday, 16 January 2012

Crazy Chinese car crash 2011

Car crash Chinese crazy 2011

Car crash Chinese style 2010

Funniest car crash in Jamaica 2011

Jamacian crazy car crash 2009

Funny car crash from Jamaica 2011

Crazy horrific car crash USA 2010


Crash test 2009

Car accident New York 2010

She Spanish I'm Americian Car Crash

When Racers Where Racers. Old Race Crashes of Years Gone By.

This is when racing was racing without all the health and safty of the modern world today.

Americian Car Crash 2010

Awesome Wreckage.

UK Police Officers Responding to car crash 2011

I bet that cost?

Crazy Car Crash 2005

Oh Dear Opps.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Dopey Dave 2007

Don't do this at home folks.

Dopey Dicks Part 2 in colour 2010


Dopey Dicks Part 1 in colour 2010

This is funny folks.

DJ Dopey @ Allies All Star Beatdown 2006

Go on give it some.

Velvet Underground - Squeeze - Dopey Joe 2009

This is a rare album.

Earnest- You can be dopey

DMC Technics World DJ Championship - DJ Dopey 2003

What a Dopey Name.

Madness - Baggy Trousers

Madness - Night Boat To Cairo

Madness - Our House 2008

Madness - One Step Beyond 2008

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The UK daftest Tango Advert 2007

Stupid, crazy and daft.

Funny Crazy Animals 2007

Animals do do the funniest of things.

Funny Crazy Animals 2006

These are funny old clips.

10 Crazy Tricks For Parties 2010

These are awesome party tricks for anyone to perform.

Crazy Pool Trickshots 2006

More fantastic trickshots with unbelievable skill.

Useful Crazy Dog Tricks By Jesse 2010

Dogs do do the stupidest of things.

Crazy Pool Tricks 2006

Unbelievable skill.

Best Crazy Card Trick In The World 2006

What an unbelievable card trick. Could you do it?

Amazing Crazy Water Trick 2011

How to suppend water in the air with a cup.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Malaysia Firewoks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

Berlin Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

Paris Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

Ireland Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone

Brazil Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year Everyone.

USA Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone

Amsterdam Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

Singapore Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year Everyone.

Auckland Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

Hong Kong Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

London Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone

Sydney Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.

Dubia Fireworks Display 2012

Happy New Year everyone.