Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Now this is absolute crazy trippy art

Now this is absolute crazy trippy art. Check it out.

Homeless Mustard sings "CREEP" Greatest cover ever

There are many homeless musicians in the world and artists who live for their art and experience hard times in life.
I the creator of this blog surely knows this and am proud to show what other crazy people have to go through to get noticed for what they love to do.
If you ever see a busker may it be a musician, pebble artist or even a chalk artist doing their thing on the street please remember they need your help to survive.
These people find it hard to get on to the internet without your support and many die due too cold weather and lake of encouragement.

Keep up the good work Homeless Mustard your an inspiration to the world we all live in.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Squatters Beware

This is a message to all squatters in the UK.
Or to anyone who is coming to the UK.
I change in the law means that you cannot occupy anywhere that has been adapted for RESIDENTIAL USE
= This also could mean empty CARE HOMES
You could result in getting a £5000 fine
or 6 months prison sentence
or even both.
Please forward this to as many people as possible.

Crazy wingsuite base jumping 2009

Check out these crazy base jumpers.
Would you do this?